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Protection against liquids/allergy prevention


Universal mattress protection

This waterproof and highly breathable item is the best possible hygienic cover for mattresses, sheets and pillows.

It consists of a material that is both tough and soft; you feel good on it and it creates a healthy micro-climate in the bed.

The material that is used provides pleasant sleeping conditions, as it does not crease or rustle when you move in bed.

The special coating is waterproof, but also breathable. This breathable material means that sweat is removed while any kind of liquid, particularly urine, cannot penetrate it. An exchange process takes place between the mattress and the atmosphere in the room on account of the high degree of water vapour permeability. As a result, the body temperature can be dissipated better and any undesirable perspiration is prevented. Special equipment ensures that this material is anti-bacterial and prevents the growth of any mould. It also stops any dust mites from penetrating the material, which is crucial for ensuring bed hygiene.

Made as a fitted sheet, it particularly protects the mattress and is certain to sit tight as a result of the elastic bands that are included all round.

The full cover for the mattress is provided with an L-shaped zip.

A mattress full cover is recommended because of it protects against dust mites.
Pillow cases and duvet covers are also available for people allergic to dust mites.

Care instructions

Washable to 95°C – can be wiped down with disinfectant
Suitable for a tumble dryer up to 120°C
(fitted sheets, full cover, pillow case, duvet cover)

2003 Polyester knitted fabric with BS 7175 PU coating, flame-resistant, white
2007 Polyester knitted fabric with PU coating
royal blue
2010 Polyester knitted fabric with PU coating
Any colour can be supplied to meet customer wishes!